Office Mulberry
Logos, Visual Identity, Website
A company that utilizes science and management knowledge to support farmers and companies in the agricultural field for business continuity and market development. From the name of the company representative, Kuwana, who has supported many businesses in the fields of agribio and medical bio, a kanji character used in his name, meaning “mulberry”, was used as the logo. The company focusses on the value of helping to create businesses that are useful to society by connecting people and values, and letting them collaborate. For the stamp shaped logo, I aimed for a highly versatile design that signifies putting the company’s mark on the devotion to this practice.
Client: Office Mulberry Co., Ltd .  
Art Direction: Shunpei Yokoyama Design Office
Copy Writing: Shigeru Isobe
Coding: C -Note Co., Ltd.
クライアント: 株式会社オフィス・マルベリー