A day care house with a characteristic engawa
Logos, Visual Identity
A day care facility for the elderly, having a characteristic long Engawa, a "porch". Engawa is an ambiguous place that functions in connecting the inside and outside of the house, residents and visitors since ancient times in Japan. It used to be a spot where passing neighbors often stopped by for a quick chat without taking shoes off. 
Not only elderly people with dementia but also neighbors, children, single parents, school truants, and many more individuals gather, play and work together here. This was opened with the aim of creating a place where everyone can coexist without boundaries between those who take care of and are taken care of. Each one of them connects to each other, and it reminds us of the old big family. 
Laughing, upsetting, crying, forgiving....the logo represents this close family-like relationship between those who gather here.
Everyone can have their own space, whether they are edgy, gentle, impatient, or laid-back. The logo expresses the diverse appearances of those who can spend their days as they wish. It gives you the message, "there are various people, mingling and enjoying the moment".
Client : 52ken no engawa
Architect: Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop
Landscape Designer: Takio Inada
Art Director / Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama
Photographer: Naoomi Kurozumi
クライアント: 社団法人 52間の縁側