Chigasaki City Museum
Visual Identity
A museum that exhibits pieces which convey the nature and peoples’ lives in Chigasaki. The exhibitions consist of a total of 17 themes used in representing the five rich topographical features of Chigasaki: "sea", "sand dunes", "rivers", "lowlands", and "hills". By changing these themes’ pieces seasonally, visitors can make new discoveries every time they visit.
I created 17 icons to symbolize each of the 17 themes. These icons also serve as signage and play a role in the crossover of representing the pieces on display. This allows visitors to freely explore the room according to their interests and curiosity, regardless of the order. Furthermore, these icons are also used as part of each exhibit, such as the chronology, therefore organically connecting the entire exhibition room. In addition, I created a “Chigasaki History Mural” incorporating all the icons. The mural is not on a single wall nor plane, but is actually made up of separated panels, large, like those of folding screens, that are spaced apart and offset evenly in 3 rows to walk through: the foreground, the middle, and the background. The mural’s depth succeeds in expressing the charm of Chigasaki.
Client : Chigasaki City
Basic Plan, Display Design, Production / Construction, Graphic Design Direction: Tanseisha Co., Ltd.
Graphic Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama Design Office
Photography: Misono Taichi
クライアント: 茅ヶ崎市
基本計画、展示デザイン・設計、制作・施工、収蔵庫設計・製作、 グラフィックディレクション:株式会社丹青社
撮影 : 御園生 大地