Hakusui Nursery School
Logos, Signage
A nursery school, designed as a stair-case shape on sloping ground. By utilizing the rain running down the roof and a breeze coming into the building, we aimed to build a space where there was no need for air-conditioning. The concept is to raise kids well, through an experience of enjoying play in spacious and terraced-field shape classrooms. The logo implies the wind passing through the interior, comfortable lights and shadows, and in a stepped interior. The stepped silhouette is also expressed with the initials of the facility name, “hh”. I painted the interior stripes myself, and dared to leave a hand-painted touch. I hoped that looking at the traces of the brush nurtures kids' creative minds. 
Client: Hakusui Nursery School
Architect: Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop
Art Director / Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama

クライアント: はくすい保育園