Mokkulu Shinshiro 
The city of Shinshiro in Okumikawa region is located on the eastern side of Aichi Prefecture near the border with Shizuoka Prefecture. Historically, it has been a transportation hub that has prospered as “a mountain port/hub” on the Ina Highway, and is also a place where locals have gathered and interacted since ancient times. Mokkulu Shinshiro is a “roadside station” newly established as a sightseeing hub and attraction in the area with a food court, retail space, a hot spring foot bath, to name a few of the facilities. The logo is inspired by the exterior of the facility, which has a large arched roof that is a characteristic of the wooden structure that stands out. In addition, the design is friendly and reminiscent of a “station” where many people come and go. The silhouette also represents the first letter of the facility name, “M”. The name Mokkulu was selected by public competition. “Moku” means “tree, wood”, and “kuru” means “come”. I used a handwritten typeface to cherish it as sounding warm and friendly as a rest facility.
Client: Shinshiro City 
Architect: Tetsuya Ukai Architects
Graphic Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama
Photographer: Shin Shashin Kobo
クライアント: 新城市
撮影 :  新写真工房 堀内広治