Nagoya Castle West wing Storehouse Historical information room
Visual Identity
A historical museum located at the entrance for sightseeing at Nagoya Castle. Taking advantage of the broad and deep space of the exhibition room, we put illustrations of large golden dolphins on adjacent wall surfaces. They are styled after the ones which rest atop the roof of Nagoya Castle itself, and are the symbol of Nagoya. In addition, there are uneven 2D graphics that look like golden folding screens which utilize a unique perspective method. They were placed on various sized panels to enforce the illusion that they are folded, and they run down length of both the left and righthand walls. This spatial design uses these optical illusions to function in the creation of an impactful experience.
Client / Planning: General Incorporated Association Nagoya-jo Shinko Kyokai 
Design Direction, Display Design, Production / Construction: Tanseisha Co., Ltd.
Graphic Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama
Photographer: SS Kikaku Inc.
名古屋城「西の丸御蔵城宝(おくらじょうほう)館 歴史情報ルーム」
クライアント・企画 : 一般財団法人 名古屋城振興協会
デザインディレクション、展示デザイン・設計、制作・施工 : 株式会社 丹青社
グラフィックデザイナー : 横山俊平
撮影 : 株式会社 エスエス企画