Logos, Visual Identity
A community-based beauty salon located in the center of a shopping district. Their concept is that anyone can swing by anytime, like a coffee stand. A bench is installed at the entrance as a place to rest, contributing to the shopping district. Various ingenuities have been applied to make the salon a friendly place. “Bura” comes from “burabura” in Japanese, which is identical to “ramble”. The interior was designed with that concept in mind for the walkway that continues from the street to the back. It makes you want to pop in while taking a stroll. The salon's name, Re; Bura, was derived through these ideas. As a symbol of burabura, a “B” is used for the logo with a warm color and gentle form. By emphasizing the rhythm of spacing the letters apart, the sound of the store name when we hear it, and the impression of the interior (that makes use of warm wood), we are left feeling that they are all in alignment.
Client: Re;Bura 
Interior design: Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop 
Art Director / Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama

クライアント: Re;Bura