Logos, Visual Identity
A beauty salon that promotes the feeling of achieving a new self and going to the next stage that is even reflected in the salon’s name. The beautiful sound of the name, Re:Tsugi (Re: Next) is expressed with a pattern that makes use of the rhythm and form of katakana lettering. At first glance, the entrance of the salon seems closed in, but when you go further inside, the impression changes to that of an open space. Similarly, the logo is a bit difficult to read at first glance, which uses a metaphor for feeling “private”, but once you read it, it becomes apparent, which also implies feeling “open”. It expresses discovering a sense of change from what wasn’t apparent initially.
In addition, as a place where customers are reborn anew, the changes before coming to the salon and then after coming are expressed with colors by switching between light and dark ones, and warm and cold ones.
Client: Re;Tsug
Interior designer: Bathyscaphe
Art Director / Designer: Shunpei Yokoyama
クライアント: Re;Tsug